Upcoming Events: 

Until further notice all in-person Unit 464 bridge games are cancelled. 

Unit games are now being played at BridgeBase.com (BB).  If you are interested in ACBL online play, start by logging in at BB.  Create an account if needed.  Creating an account costs nothing.

You need to know in advance when games are scheduled.  They do not appear on Bridge Base until just before the game is about to start.  All Unit 464 directors should know this schedule and club members are notified by email.

To register for a game, on the day of play log into BB, find the “FEATURED AREAS” section and follow the link “Virtual Clubs”, then “ACBL North America”.  Here you find a list of games about to start, in progress, or recently finished.  You need to know your partner’s BB username to register.  Your partner should be logged in, ready to start, and will fill in needed info on a popup form.  You need to pay $BB (Bridge Base bucks) to play.